Video Equipment Rental




Please note that for all weekly rentals, we will only charge three days. For weekends from Friday after 3:00 p.m. to Monday morning before 10:00 a.m., we only charge one day's rental. All our prices displayed are per day.

Orion Series ''B'' Set 32/50/80 Anamorphic primes

Laowa Nanomorph lens S35 27-35-50 Prime (PL & EF, Silver Flare)

Canon Cine EF Prime 4 Lens Set CNE 24/35/50/85mm

Sony FX3 Cinema Line camera

Rokinon XEEN CF Pro Cine Lens 16 mm T2.6/ 24-35-50-85 mm T1.5 (PL-mount)


Sigma 18-35mm & 50-100mm T2 High-Speed Zoom Lens (PL-mount)

Sigma Cine FF High-Speed Art Prime 24-35-50-85mm T 1.5 (Pl-mount)

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