Equipment insurance

Production insurance is strongly recommended for all rentals. We reserve the right to require the customer to take out insurance according to various criteria. To meet the specific needs of each production, we offer the following insurers:

PlanB Solution Tournage

Front Row / Globalex


, reserve the right to refuse any proof of insurance that does not correspond to one or other
of the elements required below.


-1-Two days before picking up the rented equipment, the customer must provide an insurance certificate including
the following elements:

-2-Coverage of rented equipment for their full replacement value without depreciation or
deduction, ie all-risk coverage including the replacement value clause.

-3-A Civil Liability of at least $1,000,000 per event.

-4-A 15-day written notice clause prior to any cancellation or significant change to
insurance coverage. An undertaking to provide the notice is not sufficient and will not be accepted.

-5-The police territory must be specified (North America or Worldwide for any event taking place
outside of North America.)

-6-A clause covering the loss of income generated in the event that the rented equipment is damaged or
lost by the tenant.

-7-DIMA PRODUCTIONS INC. and ENTREPRISES VIDEO SERVICE (Dima Productions Inc.), must appear as
beneficiaries on the insurance coverage for the rented equipment as additional insureds
on the General Civil Liability insurance policy.

Email us the certificate to the following address: